Meeting the technology demands of the Metaverse

In our office in Wroclaw we run a productive series of workshop where we talk about the role of UBSLogic in delivering our expertise to brands to drive a very different world to the Metaverse as well as the most recent technological trends and advancements which UBSLogic is already providing to its customers in the following areas: E-commerce, Gaming, Education, Ads, Live entertainment, Health and fitness.

Budgets will generate trillion of dollars in Metaverse

There is a prediction that by 2030 the Metaverse could generate $4 trillion to $5 trillion across consumer and enterprise use cases. But the full rollout of 5G (and beyond) will enable the processing of these large worlds on mobile devices.

What will the Metaverse be? And what will it do?

Consumers and businesses are already beginning to explore ways it can deepen connectivity and complement everyday activities. E-commerce, smart devices, and social media are arguably starting to reach a point of declining returns in terms of their ability to generate a competitive advantage. And, within a decade, the Metaverse has the potential to drive a very different world.

What is the Metaverse?

It is a gaming platform, a virtual retail destination, a training tool, an advertising channel, a digital classroom, and a new gateway to digital experiences.

Metaverse technologies

Looking ahead, we consider cryptocurrency, AI, and AR/VR the top three Metaverse technologies. The next top categories are Web3, Blockchain, and Virtual worlds (spatial computing).

We know this because we are talking with our clients and they’re all very consistent and adamant about remaining first-class citizens in the Metaverse and not being intermediated by any company they partner with. In response, brands are seeking innovative ways to get ahead of the competition. With its expanding number of use cases, the Metaverse offers growth opportunities that first-mover brands are keen to explore and develop.

If you’re willing to be on the list of Metaverse companies and want to explore new possibilities for your business, you can schedule a call with us at, where we’ll guide you through this complex and exciting Metaverse world.

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