UBSLogic is Changing The Game of The IT staffing industry

Only the USBLogic team can enter an industry and completely change it in less than ten years. Not only have we made a real difference for our clients and partners. But we’re also convincing B2B platforms how much of a catalyst our services can become.

Clutch included UBSLogic in top outstaffing providers in Europe

We were recently informed of being included in a top IT ousourcing/ Outstaffing services list in Eastern Europe on Clutch. They are a guide to B2B services based in Washington DC that is trusted the world-over. Now we’re all set to prove their assessment correct by forging a new path in a burgeoning facet of the FinTech industry.

Open Banking is a game changer of UX/UI in payments industry

The appetite for payment initiation services is growing across the Europe and UK as a means to make the experience of paying bills, sending money to other people, and making online purchases more seamless and secure.

The high cost of card payments is the biggest pain point for many retailers. This cost comes from the processing fees and the high number of chargebacks associated with the increasing volume of returns, as well as the increased risk of fraud.

This is why Open banking will continue to grow in the payments area to eat the existing share of card transactions and payments. Looking forward UBSLogic opened a Payments team for helping FinTech which works in the area of Open Banking capabilities in the EU and UK.

UBSLogic supports TPPs (Third Party providers)

UBSLogic cooperates with FinTech participants who are designing the open banking UX/UI in the area PISPs (Payment initiation) and ASPSPs (account information services) in the delivery of these services. UBSLogic will help to create IT extended teams to design and optimize the customer experience for these services.

UBSLogic supports TPPs (Third Party providers) with the ability to test their products and services (at initial launch and through subsequent changes) by providing key tools and infrastructure to ensure that their products have been sufficiently tested prior to go-live.

UBSLogic supports TPPS with payment account transaction data enabling Third Party Providers (TPPs) to provide innovative financial services to their customers, and it is therefore vital that customers are given clarity, security and control over how their data will be used.

UBSLogic invites Third Party Providers for cooperating where IT engineers will handle API integration to develop innovative UX in digital finance for customers. Learn more about these services and the effect we’ve had on our clients over the years by visiting our website. Get in touch with us today to begin discussions on how to work on your team. We look forward to heating from you.

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