Senior Engine Developer

We are expanding with rocket speed, while being on our quest to make the next big MMORPG. Generally, building something from scratch should excite you rather than terrify you. Don’t worry, you won’t be doing this alone; throughout the last year our team grew by 125%.


  • Designing and building core engine features
  • Building core engine features, such as, particle-, animation-, audio systems.
  • Improve and enhance core engine systems, such as particle systems, chunk streaming, editing tools, etc.
  • Serialization and deserialization of data types
  • Refining and optimizing the rendering pipeline
  • Architecting and developing new services

The MUSTs:

  • Expertise in C++
  • 5+ years experience as a software engineer with focus on game development or real time applications
  • Expertise with full software development life cycle
  • Experience working with vector math


  • Genuine love for MMOs and/or RPGs
  • Experience with data driven programming principles (Data driven development)
  • Experience creating user interfaces (WPF / Noesis with C++)
  • Experience in shipping a game on PC/browser
  • Experience with shaders / Unity Shader graph
  • Experience with custom game engines Experience with OpenGL, WebGL, WebGPU, and/or Web Assembly (emscripten)
  • Understand networking – HTTP down to the network layer (TCP/IP, routing, etc.).


We offer remote option and flexible working hours. We offer balance between work and personal life and are encouraged with open paid time off.

Engine Developer

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