Dedicated Development Team for

  • Industry: Design Manufactiring
  • Country: Poland
  • Offshore team size: 15
  • Work with UBSLogic: 4 years
  • Team formation: 1,5 month (incl. DevOps Team Lead)
  • Tech Stack: DevOps, Node JS, JS, Angular, QA

About the Client

Product company Mojatapeta is the leader among manufacturers of photo wallpapers in the Eastern European market, which exports its products all over the world. The company uses 70  websites and a network of 75  construction hypermarkets Epicentr K, the Ukrainian equivalent of the Polish Castorama brand.

To manufacture its products, the company uses advanced technologies and equipment from Hewlett Packard. Only environmentally friendly materials created in Japan are used in the production process.

The story

In order to maintain its multichannel strategy and the ability to accept orders from any country in the world, the company onboarded UBSLogic to build its offshore R&D team. It was necessary to launch a digital transformation of all the company’s key processes, namely: the CRM logistic module, promotion of its e-com payment services, and implementation of the omnichannel nature of all sales channels. Mojatapeta asked UBSLogic to build a dedicated development team of 15 skilled software developers in Poland. The project was ready in 6 weeks.

Core Value that the R&D center brought to the Mojatapeta

The main task in creating its own R&D center was to carry out the company’s digital transformation and increase sales.

Therefore, 3 main projects were implemented to optimize internal processes, as well as to ensure business scalability:

  1. CRM web-based system consisting of 3 modules:
    • content CMS, which holds the entire database associated with a company
    • connecting online shops to the data from the single CMS database
    • connection of the Lead management system that accepts orders from all bricks and clicks points of sales.
  2. implementation of its Core System with access for back office/front office staff.
  3. Creating different roles for sales managers, designers, procurement, and financial team, as well as integration to the DMS system.
  4. All sales managers and designers have been granted the opportunity to work remotely. The company was also prepared in advance to work in the conditions of COVID-19 without loss of revenue.
  5. Integration of Core System with Hewlett Packard printing devices—to ensure digitalization of all processes, launch Lean in production and reduce waste.

As a result, the company was able to scale its business and expand its geography without significant expansion of the staff.

UBSLogic value

The company was particularly interested in a dedicated team model and wanted to establish its R&D team offshore. Now it consists of full-stack, front-end, back-end developers, design specialists, AQA and Manual QA specialists, DevOps, and Data Engineering specialists in a very popular technical stack.

What We Cover within our 4-year cooperation:


UBSLogic’s tech recruitment experts hired the best team of 15 software developers for the customer within a short timeframe (6 weeks).

Office Space

We provided a fully equipped workspace, relaxation areas, a coffee spot area as well as a meeting room to ensure a comfortable working environment for offshore developers of the customer

IT Infrastructure & Equipment

UBSLogic provided advanced IT infrastructure integration and management based on our clients’ technical needs.

Finance & Legal

UBSLogic covered finance & legal aspects related to building and supporting an offshore team of skilled developers, including accounting, payroll, contracts, etc. We secured all the contracts according to Polish law and were guided to be a participant in the IP Box.

HR & Team Retention

Our HR business partners always provide flexible service models and tailor-made solutions to develop a positive business culture, improve team engagement, and contribute to achieving set goals.

Now UBSLogic manages 15 skilled developers for the customer.

Technical Background

DevOps, Node JS (Back end), Angular (front end), QA

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Product company Mojatapeta is the leader among manufacturers of photo wallpapers in the Eastern European market, which exports its products all over the world. The company uses 70 websites and a network of 75 ...

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