Offshore Development Team for Doctor Online

  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Country: Kazakhstan
  • Offshore team size: 14
  • Work with UBSLogic: 3+ years
  • Team formation: 1,5 month (incl. Productc Owner)
  • Technical background: IOS, Android, HTML, Angular, Bootstrap, DevOps, QA

About our client

DOCTOR ONLINE is an online medical consultation service (Telemedicine) that allows people to receive remote qualified medical assistance 24/7. As of the beginning of 2022, DOCTOR ONLINE has more than 300,000 clients. The company cooperates with mobile payment systems (Visa int), mobile operators, banks, insurance companies, and electronic appliances store chains. All consultations are provided by licensed doctors from leading clinics through an application or website in the video, audio, or text consultation mode, around the clock. The doctor’s response time is up to 5 minutes.

The development of this service reduces the number of hospitalizations and the load on intensive care units, reduces the number of deaths, and helps to adjust the treatment of patients with chronic diseases. For customers, this service is convenient, easy, and cost-effective.

The problem that needed to be solved

Due to the significant growth of business and the demand for the service, the company needed to develop a mobile application. The second task was the synchronization of all partners with the core system.

In 2019, the company asked UBSLogic to support their business initiative and create a dedicated development team to create an e2e application, as well as to synchronize sales through partners. The task was to create a team of 10 people: 7 developers, a Product Owner, a business analyst, QA engineer. The entire project timeline was 12 months for the full launch of the mobile application.

Success story with customer

Medicine is one of the key industries where UBSLogic already has the experience and, therefore, we decided to create a dedicated development team in the R&D center in Wroclaw (Poland). Within 3 weeks, after several stages of interviews with candidates that were provided by UBSLogic, the Product Owner was selected. We at UBSLogic understand the crucial meaning of this position, so the final candidate had the following skills and competencies: product vision, backlog management skills, the ability to be the unified voice of the team, ability to control ROI, and ability to be a motivator. After that, other team members—Scrum master, DevOps, Front-end, and back-end developers were selected based on the vision of the Product owner. During 12 months of work on the project, none of the team members has been changed. The client managed to attract more than 300,000 customers through the newly developed application with the help of UBSLogic.

Our client decided to enter the Asian market in 2021. Therefore, we decided to continue cooperation for another 24 months and increased the team with 4 skilled software developers. The team of 14 people is now working to scale the client’s business up in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

UBSLogic services provided for DOCTOR ONLINE:

  • providing support for the selection of experienced software developers
  • HR support functions: adaptation of new team members, education, and training, as well as implementing DOCTOR ONLINE personnel policy in its product team.
  • Processing salaries and wages as well as assistance to manage TAX payments for the dedicated development team
  • Providing payroll reporting to the client
  • Modern office space with a meeting room
  • Procurement of equipment for developers according to client standards at the best prices

Technical background

IOS, Android, HTML, Angular, Bootstrap, DevOps, QA

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