Team augmentation for EU-based Foodtech company

  • Country: Ukraine
  • Inductry: Foodtech
  • Augmented team size: 8
  • Work with UBSLogic: 3 years
  • Team formation: 2 months
  • Tech Stack: Java, DevOps, IOS, Android, PHP

The idea is simple. Things can be done differently: faster, easier, and cheaper. Customers have more time for pleasant things because online supermarket takes care of their groceries. The supermarket can concentrate on its core business as UBSLogic takes care of the IT core part for them. Our service – IT team augmentation to speed up application development for our customers.

About the client

The food-tech company was founded in 2016. The core basics for a successful business were the following aspects:

  • Lowest price
  • Free delivery
  • Always fresh products
  • Order using a mobile application

All these advantages helped them become the fastest growing company in 2019. Now the company uses 100% electric cars to deliver groceries. They do not make noise. Today the company has more than 100K+ customers and continues its monthly expansion in the home market.

The story

We started our collaboration when the customer decided to redesign their mobile application. The client wanted to speed up the development and couldn’t find enough skilled developers at a reasonable price on the home market. 

So UBSLogic helped increase the IT development team to meet the “time to market” expectation and improve the customer experience of the grocery buying process. They were looking for the right partner, and the augmented team provided by UBSLogic in 2020 was the right option.

UBSLogic equipped the company with 8 software engineers. Having augmented developers on the UBSLogic side, the company saved 400 000 dollars per annum for the development cost. So it redirected this money to buy new electric cars to increase delivery coverage in the cities.

Key Goals

  1. To hire in two months 8 software engineers with the following skills:  PHP programming,  Java, Ruby, and IOS & Android development.
  2. In scope of 3-year contract eNPS and retention rates of augmented team should be not lower than in the team located in the headquarters of the customer.

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