Dedicated Development Team for CYBRING

  • Industry: CyberTech
  • Country: Kazahkstan
  • Offshore team size: 12
  • Work with UBSLogic: 3+ years
  • Team formation: 1 month (DevOps Team Lead)
  • Tech Stack: DevOps, Python, React, С++, QA

About the Client

Cybring Technology based on Malta offers enterprises a new and innovative solution to continuously evaluate and improve their cybersecurity readiness levels. By tailoring the exercising environment and enabling routinely exercised in-house simulations, Cybring measures the operational level of each member of the security team and prepares enterprises for an ever-changing range of cyber threats at reduced cost.

Request The client came to us to establish offshore R&D department, handle their recruitment process. As a fast-growing startup, they were scaling and needed to hire Delivery team managed by UBSLogic. Team should consist of 15 people.

What We Cover within our 3-years cooperation:


UBSLogic’s tech recruitment experts sought and hired the best team of 15 software developers for the customer within a short timeframe (4 weeks).

Office Space

We provided a fully equipped workspace, relaxation areas, a coffee spot area, and a meeting room to ensure a comfortable working environment for offshore developers of the customer.

IT Infrastructure & Equipment

UBSLogic provided advanced IT infrastructure integration and management based on our clients’ technical needs.

Finance & Legal

UBSLogic covered finance & legal aspects related to building and supporting an offshore team of skilled developers, including accounting, payroll, contracts, etc. We secured all the contracts according to Kazakhstan law and were supervised to participate in KZ TechHub.

HR & Team Retention

Our HR business partners always provide flexible service models and tailored solutions to develop positive business culture, improve team engagement and contribute to achieving set goals.

Now UBSLogic manages 16 skilled developers for the customer.

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